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AI blog post
Are we prepared to pay the price for better security? blog post
Autonomous cars: regulation and liability blog post
Autonomous Cars: The Road to Safer Driving? blog post
Autonomous Cars: What does the future hold? blog post
Complexity facets of CPS blog post
Context, Foundations and Impact of Cyber-Physical Systems
The blog describes the foundations and background knowledge of Cyber-Physical Systems.
If you want to comment on this blog, please contact platforum@itm.kth.se to request a login to the PlatForum. Thanks.
CPS life-cycle efficiency and integration (or extended “DevOps” for CPS) blog post
CPS-related Research for Industry 4.0 – CPS Stopgate as intelligent component blog post
CPS-related Research for Industry 4.0 – metamorphosis into intelligent & networked factories blog post
CPS-related Research for Industry 4.0 – The CP Factory as research and learning platform blog post
Digitising European Industry and Industry 4.0 – A brief overview blog post
Do Cyber-Physical Systems represent a technical revolution? blog post
Do we need new safety regulation for autonomous systems? blog post
Do you really need a car? Could you survive without one? blog post
Do you really need to work? blog post
Electric Flight blog post
Faster Smarter Logistics – When will it be delivered? blog post
Generalised Data Protection Regulations – Compliance or Fine? blog post
Give me a bit of privacy please blog post
Help I’m being replaced by a robot! blog post
How do we learn to trust Autonomous cars? blog post
How do you regulate AI? blog post
How does CPS compare to related terms such as IoT, Industrie4.0, fog and swarm computing - is there a relevant difference? blog post
How will autonomous cars change traffic flow? blog post
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