Obstacles for extended DevOps for CPS

martint Monday January 15, 2018

A number of obstacles and challenges need to be overcome before DevOps (as for IT) and extended DevOps for CPS (previous posting) can be adopted. We elaborate some further obstacles in the following.

These challenges thus encompass socio-technical concerns.

When it comes to data gathering, my understanding is that a lot of data is already gathered but that many companies do not yet systematically make use of the data, including also connecting the variety of data available from multiple life-cycle stages. This requires both new competences, strategies and technical integration. In the longer term, I believe that data analytics will be a natural connection to CPS, eventually also providing real-time data analytics, thus providing a higher level loop and further extending the scope of CPS.

CPS architectures will play an important role in fully adopting the extended DevOps approach. Upgrading of cyber and physical parts will require a strong emphasis on stable interfaces and managed (as well as reduced no. of) dependencies. Availability and safety will require the ability to switch to previous (or trusted, reduced capability) versions of software.

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