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Examples from the workshop

workshop whiteboard
workshop whiteboard

  • CPS for mitigating climate change/environment
    • Tracking, monitoring and managing waste, energy and material flows paving the way for a low-carbon more circular economy
    • Carbon neutral cities through efficient energy control, renewable energy sources and adaptable zero carbon emission buildings
  • CPS for safe, seamless, clean and comfortable (multimodal) transport
    • By supporting optimized coordination, improved energy management, reduced emission, increased awareness, providing sustainable solutions and enabling a sharing economy
    • Comfortable journeys with reduced environmental impact by personalized intelligent travel planning services (and entertainment)
  • CPS for citizens health and well-being
    • Preventive and personalised medicine for informed, empowered patients
    • Precision medicine combining AI and biometrics
    • Transforming thought into action, neural interfaces
    • “Aging at home” supported by remote medication, CPS assistance, responsive environments (smart residence, ambient intelligence)
  • CPS for society / digital life
    • European citizens should be informed, educated, empowered, and digital divide or inequalities avoided through up/re-skilling and life-long learning
    • Collaborative development of personalized products (customer co-creation, co-designed products)
    • Digitization engaging and empowering citizens (democracy 4.0)

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