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Articles in 2018

2018-10-19 Are we prepared to pay the price for better security? haydn.thompson
2018-10-05 Do we need new safety regulation for autonomous systems? haydn.thompson
2018-09-21 End-to-end security and security by design haydn.thompson
2018-09-07 How do you regulate AI? haydn.thompson
2018-08-10 AI haydn.thompson
2018-03-23 Generalised Data Protection Regulations – Compliance or Fine? haydn.thompson
2018-03-09 Give me a bit of privacy please haydn.thompson
2018-02-23 Do you really need to work? haydn.thompson
2018-02-09 Where has the OBD port gone on my car? haydn.thompson
2018-01-26 Help I’m being replaced by a robot! haydn.thompson
2018-01-12 Electric Flight haydn.thompson

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