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Requirements & Scenarios

Stakeholders’ viewpoints and application domains have a substantial influence on the conceptualisation, design and deployment of a specific CPS solution.

The providers of CPS technologies and services are typically focused on the specific functionalities and technical details of a CPS solution, whereas the users of CPS applications are primarily interested in solving a specific problem but not so much in the technical details. For the potential users of CPS products or services, there is a confusing landscape of technology and platform providers, leading to a strong need for guidance through the overwhelming “jungle” of CPS technologies. However, the requirements and specifications needed for a CPS solution strongly depend on the specific industry and application context.

Thus, the following generic set of application scenarios gives first insights into general objectives of CPS implementation (according to a similar set of application scenarios in the ConnectedFactories project), and sets a common ground for specific application scenarios in different vertical domains / sectors.

P2 Fig1

Generic set of general application scenarios:

  1. Horizontal interconnectedness: This class of scenarios describes the integration and interconnectedness of CPS in platforms on a horizontal scale. Data, information and functionality are securely provided over the borders of entities like factories, companies or regions. The interaction of several systems is within the scope of this basic scenario.
  2. Vertical interconnectedness: Here, the scope lies on a single system or platform which is used within an entity like a production plant or a company. The scenario focus is on optimization in a system. The CPS is not necessarily interconnected with other platforms on the same hierarchy level, but highly interconnected with systems of different levels (“ERP, MES, field level” or “system design, system implementation”).
  3. Increased level of servitization: The approach for these scenarios lies in concentration of a functional orientation on system of systems, system or device level. Technology enables new services and functionality which is required by certain applications or business challenges.
  4. Specific functionality with limited interconnectedness in a lowly digitized environment: These scenarios are focusing on more locally or distributed functions to enable specific decision support or solving distinct needs. The requirement for autonomy of the devices is higher compared to the other scenarios, due to the limited interconnectedness and a lower degree of digitization.

More specific application scenarios in vertical domains / sectors:
=> Smart Manufacturing
=> Smart Energy
=> Smart Transportation
=> Smart Health

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