Stockholm Workshop June 2017

Foundations of Cps: Where are we and How should we move forward?

Summary from the workshop discussions with directions for further work

Workshop at KTH in Stockholm on June 2nd:

  • Venue: Mechatronics/Machine Design, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Address: Brinellvaegen 85, one stair - Room Gladan, Mechatronics/Machine Design, KTH, Stockholm
  • See here for a map and instructions for how to get to/from Arlanda airport and central Stockholm

Workshop program and presentations
08:30-09.00: Coffee and registration
09.00 – 09.15: Workshop introduction – setting the scene, Martin Törngren

First part: Foundational CPS topics
09.15-10.35: Initial set of inspirations talks < 10 min. presentations per speaker

10.35-10.55 – Break with refreshments!
10.55-11.10 – Short summaries of provided workshop inputs (Summaries of all below apart from Road2CPS - see below for the separate presentation for this project)

  • Road2CPS (Claire Ingram summarizes)
  • CPSoS, CyPhERS and CPS summit (Martin Törngren summarizes - see the above "Short summaries")

Individual position statements:

  • Self-aware CPS (position statement by Axel Jantsch - see the above "Short summaries")
  • Modeling challenges for CPS (recommended paper and position by Edward Lee - see the above "Short summaries")
  • Human centric design of CPS/IoT (position statement by Kristina Höök - see the above "Short summaries")
  • Compositionality, interfaces and contracts for CPS (position statement by Stavros Tripakis - see the above "Short summaries")

11:10-11:15: First world café session setup – Defining final themes/tables and dividing into 4 groups (25 mins. sessions enabling participants to take part in discussions at 3 out of 4 tables). Additional topics and concerns such as security and safety can be raised at any table!
11:15 -12:40 Topics

  • Humans as part of CPS (Vladimir Cvetkovic)
  • CPS and systems engineering – facets of complexity (Claire Ingram)
  • Autonomy, AI and self-awareness (Haydn Thomson)
  • Composability for CPS (Vincent Aravantinos)

12:40-13.05: Plenary summaries of table discussions (25 mins, 4 themes, < 5 mins per theme)

13:05-14:05: Lunch!

Second part: Reflections on the topics - synthesis, how to address them, and how to achieve a longer-term discussion
14:05-14.25: Initial short talks

14:25-15.50: Second world café session with 3 themes (25 min. rotation scheme + 10 min buffer!)

  • Reflections on the topics - synthesis (Vincent)
  • How to best address identified and missing topics? EU vs. national level? Which topics should be treated under the CPS umbrella (vs. IoT, big data, 5G, … ) (Haydn)
  • Eliciting ideas on how a longer-term discussion among experts can be achieved (Martin)

Coffee break included!
15.50-16.15: Plenary summaries of table discussions (25 mins)

16.15-16.40: Overall wrap up and next steps!

  • Short summary of the workshop
  • Next steps and action points!

For reference, here is the the original workshop invitation: